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> Where can i find Shift JIS? I'd like to translate japanese Gunpla sites.

Shift JIS is built into both Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above (not
surprising, since Microsft invented it for their Japanese MS-DOS back in 1982)
and Netscape Navigator, although I'm not sure when it entered the mix there.

To browse a Web page using Japanese encoding, choose View > Encoding and then
drill down to the appropriate Japanese parser. MSIE supports EUC and Shift-JIS
and has an Auto-Select option to have the browser figure it out. Navigator
supports the same language set, but I don't think it has the Auto-Select

Depending on your underlying OS (Macintosh or Windows 3.1, 95 or 98) and other
factors (running Microsoft Office, which adds a lot of language stuff behind the
scenes, and whether you chose Minimal, Typical or Custom install for IE, which
impacts on the language set), you may have to download the Japanese Language
Pack from Windows Update to get the fonts and parser.

And, again depending on your setup, you may also be able to browse Japanese by
selecting Unicode (UTF-8) encoding.


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