Henry Bigone (slickwillie1998@hotmail.com)
Sat, 15 Jul 2000 16:21:53 GMT

I have seen this from The Magic Box-

- Sunrise Interactive will release their first PS2 title "Mobile Suit
Gundam:G-Saviour" in Japan on September 14, a mech combat simulation game.

And I found this at the Game Wizzardz-

Sunrise and Bandai will release "Mobile Suit Gundam Giren's Legacy: Future
of the Warriors of the Colonies" on the PS2 in December. It will be a
DVD-ROM game, and it will be the sequel to the popular PS and Dreamcast war
simulation Giren's Ambition. It will cover MS Gundam from ZZ Gundam to
Victory Gundam, and will include the stories of Char's Attack, Crossbone
Gundam,Gundam Sentinel, F90 Gundam, F91 Gundam, and Hathaway's Legend . The
game will be the first war simulation Gundam game for the PS2. Also, Bandai
will release "MS Gundam: One Year Fight" in February 2001. It will be a
first-person and third-person mech combat game covering both Federation and
Jion sides during the famous One Year War of the original series from 0079
to 0083. No info on if it is CD-ROM or DVD-ROM format.

Capcom of Japan has announced that a Gundam 3D fighting game is in
development. Called "Mobile Suit Gundam:The Blitz Fight", the company says
that the Naomi-based game will be a cross between Kikaioh (Tech Romancer)
and Cyberbots. The game will feature robot suits from the original series,
0080, 0083, Zeta, ZZ Gundam, Gundam X and G Gundam. Rumour has it that the
six Gundams from Gundam Wing will be hidden in the game, and will be boss
fighters. The suits "Zero Gouki" and "Blodia II" from Cyberbots and Kikaioh
will be hidden also. A Winter Qtr release date has been set.

I hope these are the games that will be fun.

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