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>So I was looking over my site stats the other day, and I realized that
>the page views in all my series-specific sections - Works, Story,
>Characters, Mechanics - revealed a consistent order of popularity. No
>shock that Gundam Wing is the top draw, followed by Endless Waltz and
>original Gundam (Endless Waltz overtook "First Gundam" this month), but
>who woulda guessed that Gundam X and Turn A would be the fourth and fifth
>in the list? Even the legendary Z Gundam is mired in a multi-way dead
>heat for sixth place with 0080, 0083, 08th MS Team, F91, G Gundam, et al.

While I can't explain the popularity of Turn-A Gundam (other than it's the
most recent series and the fact that the Turn-A is so different from other
Gundams might account for the interest in it), I'm fairly certain that Gundam
X's popularity may be due in part to the fact that encoded fansubs of the
entire series are available on the Internet for anyone to download.

Also, the fact that it isn't a bad show doesn't hurt. ;) I know it takes its
lumps here on the list but having watched most of the episodes, I think it's
fine entertainment even it is derivative of other Gundam shows. In particular,
the designs for some of the Gundams resemble those in Gundam Wing and I think
that may have caught the eyes of a few of the Wing fans.

If you look at the online poll results at http://www.gundamlounge.com/ you'll
notice that, after Wing, Gundam X is the favorite of most of the poll
respondents with the original MS Gundam nipping at it's heels.

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