James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 20:56:18 -0800

>That does'nt seem possible, they've just started filming it. Unless of
>course, that means the picture from the official site that reveals the new
>Jedi uniforms(Very Vaderish)being sported by Anakin(Who's shown running
>against a blurred-out background). BTW they're really getting some major
>talent this time....Christopher Lee and Jimmy Smits have been cast, and
>Christopher Walken is apparently in the running. Smits is Bail Organa,
>Leia's foster Father who is mentioned in A New Hope. We'll also see Aunt
>Beru, Uncle Owen and of course cult favorite Boba Fett in this prequel. Not
>a lot of details so far, but apparentally, judging by the roles the actors
>have been put in, the plot will be very politically focused, there will be
>more revealed about the Sith, and Anakin will return to Tatooine. Expect a
>lot of bounty hunters as well. C-3PO will also be fully finished. Also,
>expect sparks to fly between Anakin and Amidala.
> Methinks George is trying real hard to win back his fans....

Then why is Jar Jar listed in the episode II cast? :(

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