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> >I did'nt mean Lucette, actually. I mean the other one we see hanging around
> >La Vien Rose(I've seen all of 0083), who appeared older and did'nt say too
> >much. I forgot her name though.
> Ok, then I don't know whu you're talking about. Note that I havn't seen any
> of 0083 since last November...

He's talking about Clehna Hacswell, chief of operations at La Vie en Rose. I'm
not surprised that you don't remember her, as she didn't even make Mark Simmons'
cast of characters list. She only has a few lines in Episode 11, introducing
herself, welcoming Nina, expressing regret over the current situation and
introducing Lucette Audevie.

This character was introduced in Gundam 0083, and was thus not present in Z
Gundam or Gundam ZZ, which were produced several years earlier. One can
speculate that she was as old as she was so that she would likely have been
retired by the time La Vie en Rose appears in Z Gundam.


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