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Mark Simmons wrote:

> > 5)Overall, what was the most powerful Gundam in the UC ? AC? G Gundam? AW?
> Oogh, another "which would win" scenario. :-) My vote would go to the
> V2 Assault Buster for UC Gundams - it has a huge beam shield, I-field
> barriers, potentially unlimited speed, and tons of firepower to boot. In
> the AC 'verse, the Wing Gundam Zero. In G Gundam, I'd pick the God Gundam
> (too many variables involved in ranking the Devil Gundam). In AW, who cares?

I have to vote for the V2 Assault Buster...
speed of light, wings of light... jeeez its got to be everything...

but i've read from the model kit... whats a "hardpoint"?

> The Turn A and Turn X are wild cards. Haven't seen enough of the final
> episodes to really say, but anything with nanotech powers plus an I-field
> envelope is a serious contender.

never got to watch or know much about Turn A...
What's a nanotech? How does it turn the tide of a battle?
what does it have to do with an i field?

> > 6)Who was the most powerful Newtypes? And who was the best pilots on the
> >Fed and Zeon sides in the OYW?
> Can't say who's the most powerful newtype of all, but I'd limit the top
> contenders to following list...
> Lalah Sun, Camille Vidan, Four Murasame, Haman Khan, Paptimus Scirocco,
> Judo Ashita, and Elpe Puru.

What about Tifa in the Gundam X series? wasn't she a newtype as well...
hmm... what link does she have with the gundam x, when it opens it's satellite
whats her mystery there?

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