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That does'nt seem possible, they've just started filming it. Unless of
course, that means the picture from the official site that reveals the new
Jedi uniforms(Very Vaderish)being sported by Anakin(Who's shown running
against a blurred-out background). BTW they're really getting some major
talent this time....Christopher Lee and Jimmy Smits have been cast, and
Christopher Walken is apparently in the running. Smits is Bail Organa,
Leia's foster Father who is mentioned in A New Hope. We'll also see Aunt
Beru, Uncle Owen and of course cult favorite Boba Fett in this prequel. Not
a lot of details so far, but apparentally, judging by the roles the actors
have been put in, the plot will be very politically focused, there will be
more revealed about the Sith, and Anakin will return to Tatooine. Expect a
lot of bounty hunters as well. C-3PO will also be fully finished. Also,
expect sparks to fly between Anakin and Amidala.
 Methinks George is trying real hard to win back his fans....
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> ET will be playing a scene from the upcming Star Wars. It's on today
> at 7:30 EST.
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