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> Except in 0083, where the Gundams are nigh-invincible superhero mecha
> that only get damaged when the plot calls for an upgrade. ;-)
Very, very true =)
That's why 08th MS Team is probably my favorite OVA. One of the most
defining Gundam scenes (For me, anyway) was n the one episode
where Shiro has to stop because sand has clogged one of his Gundam's leg
joints. Just the fact that they're showing that these machines _aren't_
invincible, gives them a much more realistic element they otherwise
wouldn't have. Of course, there are lots of instances in 08th where
Gundams get damaged, this one just stands out to me because of its seeming

> When the original RX prototypes were made, the plan was to build _all_
> Federation mobile suits out of Luna Titanium (aka Gundarium). This was
> one of the features that was cut from the final mass-produced mobile
> suits for cost & time reasons. In Z Gundam, the prototype Gundam Mark II
> is made of regular titanium-ceramic composite, since by this point they
> know they won't be able to afford Luna Titanium in the mass-produced version.
> But meanwhile, the AEUG has gotten its hands on the recipe for the
> improved Gundarium Gamma (originally developed at Axis), which is either
> easier to produce or just so awesome that it's worth the extra
> investment. After that, pretty much every mobile suit is made of
> Gundarium unless the designers are really being budget-conscious (as with
> the Jegan and Geara Doga).

Aurgh! My sorry--only-saw-up-to-episode-20-of-Zeta ass gets schooled =)
Not seeing the bulk of Z/ZZ/V really hurts one's overall understanding of
how things work.
That makes sense to me, and it finally fills in some of the Gundarium
Gamma info I didn't quite get. I had a vague idea what it was and that it
was superior to the original Luna Titanium, I just hadn't realized it went
into use in virtuall all MS's from that point on.

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