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While on IRC last night, in a completely non-anime related channel,
someone overheard me talking about the work I was doing on wingzero, and
asked if it was related to Gundam Wing. I showed him the site, and he was
genuinely interested in UC era Gundam. I spent a good long while
explaining the differences between UC and alternate universes, but there
was one question I felt I couldn't answer fully.
In my description of the Gundams themselves, I referred to Wing's gundam's
as nigh-invincible super hero mecha who only got damaged when the plot
called for an upgrade, versus the Gundams in UC, which were prototypes and
testbeds for mass produced suits. He understood that, but he wanted to
know why they made Gundams out of Gundarium, which was too costly for use
in mass produced units. I assume it has to do with tolerences and the
ability to handle more strain during a rigorous testing experience, but is
there anything more to it? Other than the fact that its tougher stuff,
does building a prototype out of Gundarium convey any other benefits?

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