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Audience: Jerrry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

Jerry: oh stopit *grin* if you're just joining us now we're talking tow
two estranged siblings that have just been reunited and it has not so
far been a happy reunion.. please say hello to Milliardo and Relena

Audience: *cheers*

Releana: it's a pleasure to be here Mr. Springer

Zechs: *harumpf*

Jerry: the pleasure is mine, no Milliardo.. or should i cal you Zechs?
you don't seem to be able to see eye-to-eye with your sister.. how come?

Zechs: because she's a scatter-brained twit without the sense to form a
sufficent defense force when our father's kingdom was beset by warring
nations on all boarders

Releana: *jumps up and confronts Zechs*n that's absurd, our father was
devoted ot the ideal of total pacifisim, i was just following his

Zechs: the same dream that got our kingdom overrun in the first place..
i know ful well that total peace is a wonderfull and glorious ideal..
but i've been around enouhg to know you don't throw away yoru gun untill
the other guy does first..

Jerry: Whoa whoa whao whoa now.. i can see why tempers are flaring
here.. but is this difference in philosophy really not just the tip of
the iceberg?

Releana and Zechs: huh? hmm?

Jerry: could it not be becaus you both have a certain special interst
in.. This man, let's bring him out

*Heero Yuy enters form stage right*


Heero: *does the "talk ot the hand" gesture to Releana* Omae O Korousu

Audience: ooooooooooohhhhhh!!

Jerry: i kinda get the feeling he dosn't like you Releana

Releana: it isn't true, why? why would Heero protect me then?

Heero: because you're a ditz and i felt sorry for you

Zechs: hello Heero

Heero: hello Zechs

*both glare at each other from across the stage whiel Releana bursts
into tears*

Jerry: i sense a little latent hostility in the room

Zechs: it's an old rivalry, one of us must prove who is the strongest

Heero: one of us is, and Zero told me who

Zechs: *throwing up his arms in exasperation* there you go again, "zero
told me this, zero told me that" you need to spend some time awya from
that Mobile suit before you start having problems

Heero: wha? i.. i don't have a problem

Jerry: other than Zero System addiction?

Heero: but.. i.. but.. what about Him and Epyon

Zechs: *shudders* don't get me started on that monstrosity Treize built

Jerry: oh yes that reminds me, Zechs? we have a little suprise for you..
let's bring out our next guest

*Trieze Kushranada steps in and makes his way over to his chari past the
weeping Releana, Herro.. who's left hand is starting to tremble, and
Zechs, who's teeth you can hear grinding down the hall*

Trieze: it's an honor Jerry

Jerry: we're glad to have you

Zechs: *stands up and points at Treize* YOU!!

Treize: wha?

Zechs: it's becaus of You i can't get a date on saturday nights with any
decent women.. they all think i'm Kushranada's little blond boy-toy

Treize: *stnds up incensed* how dare you. where did you get these
meaningless accusations

Jerry: you mean you don't have strong feelings for him Treize?

Treize: i'll admit i do, but not the kind the foul filthy gutter-minds
of this day and age would concieve of.. my interest in Zechs is purely
as a Military collegue, a martial peer.. we are warriors and soldiers
destened to fight the good fight to protect peace in our time..

Zechs: so that's why Epyon, the Gundam you designed for Me.. is armed
with a whip?

Treize: umm, i.. uhh

Zechs: i'm not even going to get into the imagry of that giant beam
sword.. and what's worse, when i leave before it's compleated who do yo
give it to? a pretty little 15 year old!

Heero: you sick Bastard!

Zechs: ooohhh, my therapist was so right about you

Heero: oh my GOD!

Jerry: what is it Heero?

Heero: i was passed-out a good hour or more after Treize let me
'test-drive' his epyon.. who knows what that low-life pervert could have

Releana: *throws herself on Heero* oh my poor Heero!

Heero: AAGGHHHH!! *triggers the self-detonate switch under his chair and
is hurled into the audience by the blast, miraculously he is saved by
having his fall broken by a very large woman in the 5th row*

Treize: this is outrageous, i could never do such a *Whonk!* Ugh..

Zechs: *still holding his chair* thake that you twisted pedophillic

Jerry: we'll be right back

(coments? additoins? feel free.. let's see how long we can keep this
going, add new character, new plot twists, go to town :)


"Now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!"
                                  -Balki Bartokamouse

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