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Could you repost that link to the complaining religious site? I'd like to
contact the webmasters with my view on the connections between religion and
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I think there's a good chance that Patlabor will make it to TV on CN or
Sci-Fi. The only complaints I heard about Gundam Wing(Which had a fair
amount of Gunplay and the word 'gun' in the title)'s violence was by that
over-the-top religious site I posted a couple of months back.
  I figure if CN could get away with minamal edits for Gundam Wing, Tenchi
and DBZ(The latest season has minor edits, even though the dubbing and music
is still horrible) then they could probably show Patlabor. Not that I've
seen that much of it, but I know it's fairly nonviolent. They might have a
slight problem playing the movies though, due to the first's religious
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> > Patlabor is a action/comedy/giant robot series. There are two
> > OVAs (7 and
> > 16 episodes respectively) a TV series (49 episodes) and two movies.
> >
> > With all the noise about various series (Gundam Wing, MSG, Escaflowne,
> > Tenchi) being shown on American TV, I'm surprised that none of
> > the networks
> > has moved to pick up Patlabor. Aside from being a series that I think
> > fairly suited to an American audiance, it's one of the few series
> > that adds
> > up to the 65 episodes standard for American syndication.
> >
> I have one word for you why Patlabor will not make it to Broadcast TV...
> Ohto. Seriously, a good deal of humor in the show derived from his Shot
> first, Shot some more, and then Shot some more with a bigger gun tactic.
> With the current political climate in America, I doubt if any American
> broadcaster wants to tactle this problem.
> Similiarlly, ADV Films is trying to peddle City Hunter and Nadia to either
> broadcast or cable networks... City Hunter will probably not make it to
> broadcast TV due to its adult humor and gun play, but Nadia stands a good
> chance of getting broadcast.
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