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I brought this up a while back, and we got some interesting discussion out
of it, so let's give it another go.
Gundam Wing ended in 1995, X in 1997 (I believe) and Turn A in 1999.
Assuming they keep up with this pattern, the odds are that the next series
is going to have to start sometime in the next 6 months so that it will
end in the appropriate time frame.
I'm also assuming that the next show will also be a TV show, since they
more easily lead to large amounts of merchandise. So, what's next?
Back to UC? Back to an existing alternate universe? A new alternate
... or, what about something along the lines of the New Jedi Order series
Del Rey started doing after they got the Star Wars book rights from
Bantam. What if Bandai created a new, open-ended universe, with lots of
room for growth and development. The UC timeline is getting pretty full,
Wing had its ending and is done with, and I don't think any of the other
alt. continuities were popular enough to warrant this kind of treatment
... so either move UC ahead another hundred years, or even better, start
from scratch.
Sure you're losing that rich history, but there is something to be said
for starting with less baggage. Make the series UC-like, with a similar
premise and treatment, but take it off in a new direction. As long as its
well written and the universe is interesting, they can get a few TV
shows, a couple of OVA's and a movie out of it, at the very least.
Bring back newtypes. Give us Gundams as prototypes and/or super expensive
special forces type units(think, B2 bomber. Obscenely expensive, highly
specialized, and despite the power it can be hard to justify it when
"lesser" (ie GM class) units can almost do the same. Give us characters we
can care about. Give us Yoko Kanno again (thank you Bandai, for bringing
her to Turn A). Bring back the shades of grey that made MSG/Zeta/0080 so
great. We don't want hideously evil we-steal-camdy-from-babies-and-kick
-dogs badguys, we want two (or perhaps three) sides with differering goals
and values, where there is no "good" side, and where the good guys aren't
automatically the people the gundam's have sided with.
Methinks the next series needs to be able to please the longtime UC fan as
well as being able to stand on its own to bring in the new crowd, along
with those who grew up on G/W/X/Turn A.

So, whatcha think? Am I rambling again, or does this actually make sense?

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