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At 12:50 07/13/2000 -0700, Mark Simmons wrote:
>Dafydd writes,
>>I wonder how they explained Captain Synapse's execution, given that the
>>offense for which he was condemned was no longer on record?
> Well, that's one thing about the death penalty... it can't be revoked.

        A bit hard to unshorten somebody by a head....

>Funny how they start cooling off towards Zeon once the money dries up, eh? ;-)

        Money buys friends.. when you run out of it, well..

        Although Side 6 seems to be a bit more biased towards Zeon from
beginning to end. Any ideas what Zeon promised Side 6 if they won?

> Note the bit about "occupational troops." You can see how badly Zeon
>was spread thin on Earth - now imagine them keeping control of five
>billion rowdy, overcrowded spacenoids as well. Easier to clear out the
>colonies for future lebensraum expansion.

        Hmm. Depends on how long Zeon wanted to fight. The "Raze and Burn"
strategy they employed in the first week of the conflict is typical of quick
raiders who simply don't intend to leave anyone alive. The "Occupy and
Convert" strategy I propose will mean they intend to slug for a long time.

        Which is appropriate. Zeon never had any intention for the war to
drag on for so long. The "Raze and Burn" -- or "Gas and Drop" -- fits. Once
the Federation got their spine back, it was a bit difficult to unGas and
unDrop the colonies to exploit their resources further.

        But we are moving away from my original question. What was Zeon
looking to achieve when they came howling out of Side 3? A new Federation
under Giren?

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