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At 14:44 07/13/2000 -0500, Leslie_R wrote:
>gold is usefull for more than just looking pretty or as a monetary
>exchange medium, it makes an excellent conducter/reflector material and
>is a soft metal so is easy to work with for extruding wire and such

        Oh, right. Forgot that, good point.

        But it seems to be a bit excessive though. Too many gold mines were
grabbed. But as others said, the gold may really be used for bribery of
other Sides.

>how else were they supposed to get the ammo for the colony drops?

        They didn't need to do a colony drop. Nukes in the atmosphere,
biochem warfare -- a lot of ways to get the same results.

        It's also debatable (as -Z- and Blackeagle pointed out a few weeks
ago) whether the colony drops were an integral part of the OYW at the
beginning. A theory is that after the colonist were gassed, some bright
spark in Engineering wondered how effective a bomb a colony would be if it
crashed onto Earth.

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