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>i think i recall hearing that there were mroe than one example of each,
>including gundam.. and the Zaku that was taking pot-shots at the parked
>suits on flatbeds destroyed or severly damaged enough of them that after
>cobbling otgether all the parts they only had one each of the Gundam,
>Guntank, and Guncannon

since I was only able to watch the movie trilogy and not the series itself, I'm assuming that there was a chance that one each of the Guncannon and Guntank was able to sustain only superficial damage - the Gundam that Amuro was using surely began the battle undamaged as that area wasn't hit yet by the two Zakus.

yes, there was more than one example of the Guntank and the Guncannon, but I didn't see any other Gundam unit in the movie.

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