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Well I don't know anything about Layzner except the designs do have their
own style... However Heavy Metal L-Gaim I have been watching recently.
I'm up to episode 24, and basically it goes like this:


Ok, that should do...

Daba Myroad (Camille Vidain, Ladioss Sapp - Generic Nagano Protagonist)
Is the last surviving member of the Yaman clan, the ruling family of one of
five planets in the Pentagona system, until Oldna Poseidal takes over the
solar system.

Daba and his friends take his 'inheritiance' a scratch build Heavy Metal and
the 'Works' a giant truck that carries the mech, and drive around looking
ways to stop Poseidal's forces, and help the Rebels who are fighting HER.

Early on Daba and Karo are set upon by Lilin's bandits who try to steal the
L-Gaim, and eventually Lilin dies, and Amu the girl from, the bandits joins
Daba and Karo in their adventures.

During the fight with the bandits they also encounter Gabrle Gavlet
Scirocco - anyone?) and he battles Daba's L-Gaim with his own Heavy Metal.

When one of the bandits dies, he passes on a credit chip to Daba for 1
'Geen' the chip must be taken to the Arms dealer (ZZ Top guy in Sunglasses)
everyone but Daba who uses the chip gets caught because it has a tracking
record in it. This is important because the mysterious arms dealer leaves
planet before they give it to them, and Daba's honor says they must deliver
chip wherever he has gone, so they hijack a spaceship to take them and the
L-Gaim across space.

> I've been able to see a few untranslated episodes of these, and I don't
> really understand most of what's going on (some of the Layzner designs in
> particular seem pretty cool, though). Can anyone tell me anything about
> the plots of these shows?

I'm not revealing the REST of the plot unless I do a proper synopsis,
the L-Gaim characters are too many, and complex to do justice in one or even
two episodes... However its interesting to watch since it was made between
Zeta Gundam and Five Star Stories, and you can see Nagano maturing his
characters along the way...


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