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All the fact questions seemed to be answered, so I guess here's my two cents
to the opinion based questions...
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> Thank you for the answers to last question. I have a few more:
> 5)Overall, what was the most powerful Gundam in the UC ? AC? G Gundam?
> AW?

Always the main character Gundam and the newer one (chronologically in their
respective timelines).

> 6)Who was the most powerful Newtypes? And who was the best pilots on
> Fed and Zeon sides in the OYW?

Hamaan and Judoo should be amongst the most powerful newtypes. Camille is
very strong too, but he still couldn't quite fight off other newtypes that
well. Char would be the best during OYW, afterall, he did earn his name
early on. Amuro would be one of the more distinct Fed pilots too, but it
seems that the Whitebase is more famous for "Gundam", "Whitebase" (the
actual ship) and Bright Noah. Amuro was just "the gundam pilot",
nevertheless, the Gundam was one of the main factors in winning the war, and
he pilotted it, so he should be amongst their best.

> 7)Was the Gundam Mark III a good suit, and shouldCamille have used it
> instead of the Zeta?
Nah... he helped design the Zeta, he'd be more used to it.

> 8)Heero in Wing Zero versus Amuro in Nu Gundam. Char in Sazabi versus
> Zechs in Epyon. Garoad in Gundam X versus Judo Ashita in FAZZ. Decide the
> winners....and why they won.

The first two would probably end up being the UC victorious due to the
weapons involved and the tactics used by the pilots. The X vs. FAZZ isn't a
fair fight: the FAZZ is alot of dead weight used for testing of the armour.
Alot of the systems don't even work.

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