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It'll most probably be read Shar (the R sound doesn't sound in Japanese, so
it was left out. Just like if you were to say sailor it'd be seeraa


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> >Now, for:
> >ObGundam:
> >With all the talk of the original MSG airing on Cartoon network. .. no
> >has asked the big question ... how are they going to pronounce Char? It's
> >going to be tough to convince american kids that its 'Sha' and not Char
> >in broiled).
> It seems like that would be pretty easy. After all, under what
> circumstances would your average CN watcher see his name spelled before
> hearing it pronounced? So, as long as the VA's pronounce it accurately
> (which is not a foregone conclusion) everyone will be wondering why it's
> spelled Char instead of Sha (yes this does dig open an old wound :-)
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