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Fri, 14 Jul 2000 03:40:39 GMT

>also, when Amuro is moving the Gundam parts, he says that there are still
>more. Does he mean more parts, or more Gundams? If he means Gundams (I
>that was what he meant) then how many were there?

I always thought he meant parts, and not Gundams.

As for total, there were three Gundam prototypes built. Unit 1 was
destroyed at Side 7, Unit 2 was Amuro's Gundam, and Unit 3 was at Luna-II to
be used as a testbed for the Magnetic Coating process. (In some
continuities, it was given to Sayla, while in the novels, it was given to
Amuro after Unit 2 was destroyed at the Texas Colony). Okawara designed a
non-canon Unit 4, but the actual Unit 4 is the NT1.
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