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>Subject: [gundam] V Project?
>Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 22:08:07 EDT
>In the first Gundam Movie, when Char asks for more Zakus, what is the V
>Project they refer to?

The V project was the Federations Mobile Suit development and deployment
program. As part of the V project, the Gundam, Guntank, and Guncannon
prototypes were built, as well as the Pegasus class Carrier (Although it
might have been included retroactively. It's very likely that the Pegasus
class was in development before the V plan was initiated.) The next stage
of the V-plan was the development of the RX-79 ground types and the
RX-78-NT1 (Probably at least one person in the Fed High Command truely
believes in the existance of Newtypes.) The culmination of this operation
was the mass produced GM, including all of it's Variants, which were based
on the data from the Prototypes...
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