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Chris Maier asks,

>1-Is it ever revealed what ship Gato crashes into at the end?

  Nah, not as far as I know. I think he just picked the closest one.
>2-Where exactly do the Birmingham class ships fit into the continuity?

  It's similar in appearance to the Dogos Gear, the flagship of the
Titans, though this latter ship is about 50% bigger, more heavily armed,
and has mobile suit decks. The Birmingham, which lacks mobile suit
carrying capacity, seems like kind of an anachronism in the postwar era...

>3-Does that lady from La Vien Rose(The fairly old one who welcomes them and
>stuff)appear in Z and ZZ Gundam?


>4-What type of ship are the Albion guys on at the end? I'm assuming it's
>Birmingham class.

  It's the Al Giza, one of the first of the Titans' Alexandria-class cruisers.

>5-Was Cowen arrested or not?

  Sure looks like it. His subsequent fate is unknown...

>6-What happens to the admiral with the cat?

  Ditto. Somewhere between 0083 and 0087, he drops out of the picture -
perhaps we're meant to assume that Jamitov elbowed him out of the way...

-- Mark

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