Chris Maier (
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 21:47:12 -0400

to know about 0083...except a few things, such as:

1-Is it ever revealed what ship Gato crashes into at the end? I'm assuming it's the lead command ship commanded by the bald guy(NOT Bosque Ohm, but the commander who took over after the Konpei island know, the guy who's first line is "It's all over...")

2-Where exactly do the Birmingham class ships fit into the continuity?

3-Does that lady from La Vien Rose(The fairly old one who welcomes them and stuff)appear in Z and ZZ Gundam?

4-What type of ship are the Albion guys on at the end? I'm assuming it's Birmingham class.

5-Was Cowen arrested or not?

6-What happens to the admiral with the cat?

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