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Mark Simmons wrote:

> >Thank you for the answers to last question. I have a few more:
> So I see! I'll try to keep these brief... hah!

Well, while we're at it I'll try again to get a response for two questions I
still have :) (I think I actually tried to ask these last week, but didnt get a

Have you, or anyone else for that matter, garnered anything of the 0084 riot info
from the MG Quell kit booklet? The Japanese UC history site says it has something
to do with Airs or Ayers City. Would this be the same city located on the moon as
depicted in Sentinel?

Of course if you havent translated that yet, that's okay. I was just wondering if
you had.

Also, since we're taking about the Zeon Africa troops, any idea how they got Zaku
F2s as well as the Delaz space forces?

    Neil Baumgardner

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