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Henry Bigone asks,

>Thank you for the answers to last question. I have a few more:

  So I see! I'll try to keep these brief... hah!

> 1)Were there any colonies out near Jupiter for the Energy Fleet people?
>How many? And who did they support, Fed or Zeon?

  Yes, we do see colonies in Jupiter orbit in Crossbone Gundam. Nasty
little habitrails they are.

  Originally, the energy fleet was a neutral non-governmental
organization; it appears from the original Gundam TV series that Zeon had
its own energy fleet, of whom Braubro pilot Sharia Bull is a member, but
by the era of Z Gundam they're back to being neutral. In the second UC
century, the Jupiter fleet covertly backs a number of anti-Federation
movements, such as the Crossbone Vanguard and Zanscare Empire, aiding
them with money, resources, and high technology.

> 2)At end of the OYW, how many Zeon divisions were left stranded on
>Earth? And how many Zeon troops were on moon when Delaz went there? And
>what would have happened if Solomon and A Bao A Qu NEVER FELL?

  In order...

* Zeon's Earth Attack Force was organized into five terrestrial mobile
divisions. Most of these were either wiped out or fled into space. The
one force that instead digs in and continues waging guerilla war is the
African division - you see remnants of these forces in 0083 and ZZ.

* Most of Zeon's surviving forces gathered at the moon at the end of the
war, before departing for either Axis or the shoal zone. I could probably
piece together an estimate of the number of ships from EB 39 and the
Hobby Japan Gundam RPG...

* What would have happened? Depends how this came about. If the
Federation threw its full strength at Solomon or A Bao A Qu and failed to
win, the result would probably have been another stalemate - perhaps the
rebuffed Feds might have targeted Granada instead, but either way it
would be a while before the next big campaign. In the long run, though,
the Federation's resources and control of Earth would probably give it
the edge.

> 3)Were there any colonies near Mars?

  The F90 comic, and Formula Wars 0122 video game, posit a gang of
renegade Zeons holed up on Mars (the infamous Oldsmobile Army). Their
Mons Olympus base is a far cry from a substantial colony, though.
Overall, there's little reason to park colonies around other planets, and
even less to colonize planetary surfaces themselves.

> 4)Do you think the Ronah family supported Zeon during the OYW (they were
>spacenoids, after all)? And would the Crossbone Vanguard have made good

  Not enough info to speculate. As Dafydd says, at that point they
probably weren't very politically inclined. But in the F91 novels, you do
get the elder Ronahs admiring Giren Zabi in hindsight...

> 5)Overall, what was the most powerful Gundam in the UC ? AC? G Gundam?

  Oogh, another "which would win" scenario. :-) My vote would go to the
V2 Assault Buster for UC Gundams - it has a huge beam shield, I-field
barriers, potentially unlimited speed, and tons of firepower to boot. In
the AC 'verse, the Wing Gundam Zero. In G Gundam, I'd pick the God Gundam
(too many variables involved in ranking the Devil Gundam). In AW, who cares?

  The Turn A and Turn X are wild cards. Haven't seen enough of the final
episodes to really say, but anything with nanotech powers plus an I-field
envelope is a serious contender.

> 6)Who was the most powerful Newtypes? And who was the best pilots on the
>Fed and Zeon sides in the OYW?

  Can't say who's the most powerful newtype of all, but I'd limit the top
contenders to following list...

  Lalah Sun, Camille Vidan, Four Murasame, Haman Khan, Paptimus Scirocco,
Judo Ashita, and Elpe Puru.

  The best Federation pilot is probably Amuro Ray, thanks to his inhuman
reflexes and inventive tactics. Yu Kajima from Blue Destiny is probably
the runner-up - I'd rank him ahead of South Burning for sheer killing power.

  The best Zeon pilot might be Char, but his blitzkrieg tactics work
better against naive opponents. I'd say Gato, a more cunning fighter,
would fare better against an ace pilot like Amuro. Ranba Ral, 08th MS
Team's Norris Packard, and Rise From the Ashes's Visch Donahue are also
contenders. Most of the other noteworthy Zeon aces had very limited
experience fighting mobile suits - you can only get so good beating up on
planes and tanks.

> 7)Was the Gundam Mark III a good suit, and shouldCamille have used it
>instead of the Zeta?

  It may be a nice mobile suit, but the Z Gundam's special features -
high-speed tranformed mode, atmopheric re-entry, optional hyper mega
launcher - give it capabilities than a plain-vanilla design like the
Mk.III can't equal. I'd suggest Char trade up from the Type 100, though.
The Mark III's strongest point - near-human agility thanks to its
advanced movable frame - is also the main design goal of the Type 100.

> 8)Heero in Wing Zero versus Amuro in Nu Gundam. Char in Sazabi versus
>Zechs in Epyon. Garoad in Gundam X versus Judo Ashita in FAZZ. Decide the
>winners....and why they won.

  I'll let other folks take a stab at this one. But I do think the
Epyon's lack of ranged weapons would be a real liability against an
opponent who can actually shoot well. :-)

> 9)Universal Crossover: Earth Federation of UC Gundam versus the
>Romfeller Foundation/OZ of Wing.

  This sounds like the plot of G-Generation Gather Beat. :-)

-- Mark

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