Roland Thigpen (
13 Jul 2000 22:36:52 -0000

>In sum, it's well worth checking out!
>With all the noise about various series (Gundam Wing, MSG, Escaflowne,
>Tenchi) being shown on American TV, I'm surprised that none of the networks
>has moved to pick up Patlabor. Aside from being a series that I think is
>fairly suited to an American audiance, it's one of the few series that adds
>up to the 65 episodes standard for American syndication.

You know, now that you mention it, you're right. Patlabor would be a good series to air on something like CN. Other good ones would be Record of Lodoss War (maybe), Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Nadesico, maybe even Fushigi Yuugi (to really drive home that point that anime isn't just action or comedy, although MSG and Escaflowne should also do that).

Slayers would be another good one. Just run the series back to back. Works as one storyline is carried over into the next series.


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