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> Subject: [gundam] More for Mark Simmons-sama (And EVERYONE else!!)
> Thank you for the answers to last question. I have a few more:
> 1)Were there any colonies out near Jupiter for the Energy Fleet people?
> How many? And who did they support, Fed or Zeon?

My copies of Crossbone Gundam are packed away, so I can't get the full facts at
this time. That being said, there are a number of possibilities suggested or

The Jupiter Energy Fleet could be said to be composed of mobile colonies. The
Jupitoris class ships are two kilometers long and sport a "habitat ring" easily
as large as the one of the La Vie en Rose space dock. There are also mining
operations on Jupiter's moons and, of course, many asteroids in Jovian orbit
that could be used as temporary or permanent residences.

> 2)At end of the OYW, how many Zeon divisions were left stranded on
> Earth? And how many Zeon troops were on moon when Delaz went there? And
> what would have happened if Solomon and A Bao A Qu NEVER FELL?
> 3)Were there any colonies near Mars?

No colonies on record, but the Oldsmobile Army, a Zeon faction similar to the
Delaz Fleet, fled to Mars at the end of the War and set up a base on Mons
Olympus. Forty years later, they appear with modern MS built to look like One
Year War MS and hijack a prototype Gundam F90.

> 4)Do you think the Ronah family supported Zeon during the OYW (they were
> spacenoids, after all)? And would the Crossbone Vanguard have made good
> Zeons?

Here's the chronology: Meitza Buffo was born circa UC 0054, just about the time
that his father Scharnhorst founded the Buffo Konzern, a space salvage company
based in Round Island, a Bernal sphere type colony used as a "construction
shack" for the full sized colonies in Side 1 (L5). The Buffo family bought the
name of the prestigious but imporverished European noblity Ronahs in UC 0068,
just about the time that Zeon Zum Daikun died under mysterious circumstances.
Koroso Viggenson, later to become Iron Mask, was born circa UC 0078. The Ronah
family and its Buffo Konzern apparently sat out the War in relative peace, as we
don't hear from them again until UC 0081, when the Konzern established a
vocational school that would become the training center for the Crossbone
Vanguard 25 years later.

Nadia Ronah was born circa UC 0087, about the time the AEUG took on the Titans
but, again, the Ronahs and their Konzern stayed well clear of the conflict and
those that followed.

Koroso and Nadia were married circa UC 0105, with him adopting her family name
and becoming Meitzer's nominal son -- a not uncommon practice in Japan. Dorel
Ronah was born circa UC 0106, about the time that new colony construction began
in Side 4 (L1) and the CV was formed. Vera (later Cecily) circa UC 0107, about
the time that the Buffo Aerodynamics Company (a Konzern subsidiary) began work
on its first modern (i.e., scaled down) MS, the Dessa. Nadia ran off with Theo
Fairchild, daughter in tow, circa UC 0113, about the time that Hauserie Ronah
proposed the Earth Preservation Measure and the Measure to Abolish Excessive
Medical Care, both of which were soundly rejected.

All in all, the Ronahs and the Buffo Konzern come across as an Anaheim
Electronics style bunch of opportunists with no political leanings or
aspirations until Engeist Ronah became VP of the Colony Management Company circa
UC 0110, although Koroso may have had ambitions dating from before his marriage
into the family. The Ronahs, specifically Engeist and Hauserie, are quite
active in politics from UC 0110 to 0118, when Hauserie was assassinated.
Meitzer seems to have stepped up to the plate at that time.

> 5)Overall, what was the most powerful Gundam in the UC ? AC? G Gundam?
> AW?

The one they never built:

MSA-0011(Bst) Ex-S Gundam Booster Type "Plan 303E" Deep Striker
Unit Type: high-speed high-mobility Attack purpose mobile suit
Power Generator Output: 14,500 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 267,500 kg 10
Armor: Gundarium gamma alloy composite
Armament: 60mm Vulcan gun 4, Incom 1 (3.8 MW), beam gun 3, I-field barrier
generator 2, battleship use mega particle beam gun 1 (56 MW), beam smartgun
(12+ MW), beam cannon 2, long-range large disk radome multi-sensor 1

This nifty toy was featured in the Model Graphix Gundam Sentinel book, a Gundam
so powerful (and expensive) that it never got past the planning stage.

> 6)Who was the most powerful Newtypes? And who was the best pilots on the
> Fed and Zeon sides in the OYW?

This has the potential for endless debate, as there's no official ranking, so
everyone's free to pitch in with their own opinion. I'll pass on this one,
thank you.

> 7)Was the Gundam Mark III a good suit, and should Camille have used it
> instead of the Zeta?

The Gundam Mark-III was a Mobile Suit Variation and did not appear in the Z
Gundam TV series. It's an apples and oranges comparison unless you rank it
against the Zeta MSVs, thus:

MSF-007 Gundam Mark-III
Unit Type: prototype attack mobile suit
Overall Height: 22.0 meters
Head Height: 19.5 meters
Base Weight: 32.1 tons
Full Weight: 48.2 tons
Power Generator Output: 2,022 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 68,500 kg 1, 9500 kg 2
Acceleration: 1.82 G
Sensor Radius: 11,500 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Armament: beam saber 2, beam cannon 2, beam rifle 1

MSZ-006-X1 Prototype Zeta Gundam X1
Unit Type: prototype attack mobile suit
Head Height: 19.6 meters
Base Weight: 29.9 tons
Full Weight: 52.1 tons
Power Generator Output: 1,790 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 99,000 kg total
Acceleration: 1.90 G
Sensor Radius: 14,000 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Armament: beam saber 2, beam rifle 1

MSZ-007 Mass Production Type Zeta Gundam
Unit Type: prototype attack mobile suit
Head Height: 20.4 meters
Base Weight: 30.9 tons
Full Weight: 48.3 tons
Power Generator Output: 1,830 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 73,900 kg total
Acceleration: 1.53 G
Sensor Radius: 11,900 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Armament: mega beam rifle 1, beam saber 2

MSZ-008 Zeta II
Unit Type: prototype attack mobile suit
Head Height: 18.3 meters
Base Weight: 31.1 tons
Full Weight: 69.7 tons
Power Generator Output: 2,130 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 114,300 kg total
Acceleration: 1.64 G
Sensor Radius: 14,000 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Armament: mega beam rifle 1, beam saber 2

The MSV Gundam Mark III shuld nt be confused with the Model Graphix Originals
Gundam Mark IIIs, of which there were two:

RX-166 Gundam Mark-III "Eagley"
Unit Type: mobile suit
Overall Height: 31.4 meters
Head Height: 20.6 meters
Base Weight: 52.1 tons
Full Weight: 88.0 tons
Power Generator Output: 2,010 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 112,600 kg total
Acceleration: 1.28 G
Sensor Radius: 12,900 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Armament: beam rifle 1 (2.7 MW), hyper bazooka 1, beam saber 1 (0.65 MW)
Optional Armament: 60mm Vulcan gun 2

RX-272 Gundam Mark-III "Haphley"
Unit Type: variable mobile suit
Overall Height: 25.9 meters
Head Height: 22.3 meters
Base Weight: 48.9 tons
Full Weight: 118.2 tons
Power Generator Output: 1,980 kW
Rocket Thrusters: 123,200 kg total
Acceleration: 1.04 G
Sensor Radius: 11,200 meters
Armor: titanium alloy / ceramic composite
Armament: beam rifle 1 (3.1 MW), beam gun 2, beam saber 1 (0.45 MW)
Optional Armament: 60mm Vulcan gun 2
Mobile Armor Mode:
Overall Length: 30.24 meters
Wingspan: 17.3 meters

All specifications courtesy of Mecha Domain, http://mechadomain.gundam.com

> 8)Heero in Wing Zero versus Amuro in Nu Gundam. Char in Sazabi versus
> Zechs in Epyon. Garoad in Gundam X versus Judo Ashita in FAZZ. Decide the
> winners....and why they won.

More endless debate of the "Who's stronger, Superman or the Incredible Hulk?"
variety. Pass.

> 9)Universal Crossover: Earth Federation of UC Gundam versus the
> Romfeller Foundation/OZ of Wing.
> Principality of Zeon (UC) versus Space Revolution Army (Gundam X)


> 10)I have heard of something called Superdimentional Fortress Macross.
> Was this a good show? Was its sequals any good? Also, were the shows
> Superdimentional Calvary Southern Cross, MOSPEDA and Patlabour any good?

If you've seen Robotech, you've already seen Super Dimensional Fortress Macross,
Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada, as these
are the three series from which Robotech was made. They are even parsed out as
Robotech (Macross), Robotech Masters (Southern Cross) and Robotech New
Generation (Mospeada).

Macross is pretty much the same as Robotech except for some name changes and a
complete redefinition of "Protoculture" to mean a power source rather than the
culture from which both humanity and the Zentraedi/Meltraedi derive.

Southern Cross, however, was completely inverted. The story actually took place
on the planet Grolier, where humans had displaced the native Zol, who were
trying to recover their world. A lot of scenes of the two moons were edited
out, but two moons there were, which is why Our Heroes had to fight two separate
lunar battles.

Mospeada is the story that Southern Cross was rewritten to become, Earth invaded
by aliens and having to be liberated by its remaining colonial forces. That's
why all of the human mecha have squadron names like Mars and Jupiter -- they're
actually FROM Mars and Jupiter.

Patlabor is actually three different series. First, there was a seven (eight,
if you count the Episode 6 live-action comedy piece) OAV series, whose premise
was Police Academy with Giant Robots. Then there was the 47 episode (48, if you
count the Voice Character Special) TV series. Then there was the 16 episode OAV
series that was created for the TV series collection, with one new OAV episode
combined with three TV series episodes on each volume.

Oh, yeah, and three movies that are much more realistic and darker in tone than
the TV/OAV shows.

If you want an idea about how Patlabor works, watch Gundam 0080 and Gundam 0083.
They were Sunrise's answer to Patlabor and very derivative of it on many levels.


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