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> >Thank you for the answers to last question. I have a few more:
> >
> > 10)I have heard of something called Superdimentional Fortress Macross.
> >Was this a good show? Was its sequals any good? Also, were the shows
> >Superdimentional Calvary Southern Cross, MOSPEDA and Patlabour any good?
SNIP lots of Macross Stuff

>Patlabor had at least a tv series (which I haven't seen) and 2 movies
>(which I have both). The main characters are police officers that pilot
>robots armed with appropriately sized revolvers. Very good plots, and fair

I'll field this in a little more depth:

Patlabor is a action/comedy/giant robot series. There are two OVAs (7 and
16 episodes respectively) a TV series (49 episodes) and two movies.

It's set in the near future (originally it was set in 1999, ten years after
it premired, but unfortunately time has passed that date by) when 8 meter
tall giant robots (Labors) were developed for construction purposes.
Criminals have found labors useful as well, so the Tokyo police have
deployed their own Labor units to fight this menace. Their original labor
force (1st Unit) is a group of dedicated and professional police officers,
paragons of efficiency and effectiveness. Needless to say, a series about a
bunch of straight arrows would be really boring, so instead Patlabor focuses
on 2nd Unit, a collection of misfits, personality problems and assorted
crackpots who are generally just as dangerous to the public as they are to

The result is a very funny series with interesting characters and cool mecha

In particular, the series has excellent character development. All of 2nd
Unit's personnel are unique and engaging and all of them have a lot of

The series also features some of my favorite mecha designs. The Ingram
get's the most screen time, but a lot of the supporting Labors like the
Python, Brocken and Helldiver are pretty slick designs as well.

In sum, it's well worth checking out!

With all the noise about various series (Gundam Wing, MSG, Escaflowne,
Tenchi) being shown on American TV, I'm surprised that none of the networks
has moved to pick up Patlabor. Aside from being a series that I think is
fairly suited to an American audiance, it's one of the few series that adds
up to the 65 episodes standard for American syndication.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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