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I saw Robotech, but I did not know it was made up of the Macross peices.

As for the UC Federation vs. Romfellar/OZ, I mean the Feds circa 0083 (prior
to Gato nuking the Fed Fleet at Konpei Island).

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>On Thu, 13 Jul 2000 20:28:59 GMT Henry Bigone <slickwillie1998@hotmail.com>
> >Thank you for the answers to last question. I have a few more:
> >
> > 10)I have heard of something called Superdimentional Fortress Macross.
> >Was this a good show? Was its sequals any good? Also, were the shows
> >Superdimentional Calvary Southern Cross, MOSPEDA and Patlabour any good?
> >
> >
>Ok, I'm not Mark, so I'll leave the rest to him or others, but this one....
>You've never seen Macross? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?!?!? How about
>Robotech? The original Macross made up the first third of that series, and
>alot of the material remained the same, although there are several glaring
>descrepencies (no protoculture as fuel, no Robotech Masters, some other
>Sorry, it's just hard for me to believe that someone has not seen this
>series, or at least the Robotech version of it. It was a great space opera
>with a compelling storyline and great characters and music (even if the
>Robotech versions sucked horribly).
>As for sequals, in chronological order, there is Macross Flashback 2012 (a
>series of music videos that tell what happens to many of the main
>characters just after the end of the original series), Macross Plus (a 4 ep
>OVA series that you can get on 2 DVDs, brilliant animation, good music, and
>a good storyline, with a dogfight or two not to be missed), Macross Plus:
>the Movie Edition (a movie version of the OVA, with some changes and
>additions to the original), the Macross 7 tv series (which many don't like,
>but I do. If you don't like the idea of variable fighters being piloted by
>guitar, don't watch, but if you can get past that, it is a very good series
>with some jamming music), Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me! the movie
>short (a short, 30 minute or so movie that was shown with the Macross Plus
>movie) and finally the Macross 7/Dynamite 7 OVA (imagine Moby Dick set to
>the Macross universe).
>Also included are the movie Macross: Do You Remember Love? (a movie version
>of the original series that makes series changes to it, but is beautifully
>animated, even more so than Macross Plus or CCA IMHO. The anime that got me
>into anime. Also, interesting note: DYRL? is part of the official Macross
>timeline as a documentary/drama style movie made after the end of Space War
>1), and Macross II:Lovers Again (an OVA and movie compilation of the OVA,
>which was supposed to be the sequel to the original, but was not done by
>the same people and was not well received by fans, relegating it to more of
>an alternate reality story. Still, the music was good, as was the animation
>and the mecha. The music was also considered good enough to be used in
>Macross 7 by Sound Force).
>Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross was a pretty good series and the
>footage was used as the second part of Robotech. MOSPEADA was also a good
>story, and was used as the third part of Robotech.
>Patlabor had at least a tv series (which I haven't seen) and 2 movies
>(which I have both). The main characters are police officers that pilot
>robots armed with appropriately sized revolvers. Very good plots, and fair
>To me, you really haven't seen anime until you've seen Macross at least.
> >I am once again thankful for all of the help. Sorry if I am bothering you
> >all, I do not mean to!
>Hope this helps some.
>Roland (still shaking his head over someone who hasn't seen Macross)
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