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Hmmm my turn =) I can handle a few of these, anyway.
See my comments intersprersed below:

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On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Henry Bigone wrote:

> Thank you for the answers to last question. I have a few more: > > 5)Overall, what was the most powerful Gundam in the UC ? AC? G Gundam? > AW? Most powerful? Probably the GP-03 Denrobium Orchis. Definately the most powerful thing to be called a gundam, anyway. For AC, The Wing Zero takes the cake. That's one overpowered MS =) G Gundam ... Devil Gundam, i'm assuming. I haven't seen it yet, but considering the nano-tech it has, it would stand to reason. After War? Double X, of course. One of the few things I liked about X was the actual Gundam X itself, and as far as ridiculously powerful superweapons go, the satellite cannon is quite nifty.

> > 6)Who was the most powerful Newtypes? And who was the best pilots on the > Fed and Zeon sides in the OYW? > I'd have to go with Amuro for the first question. I was about to blurt out Amuro again for the second, but then I noticed you specifically said OYW, not UC. Not having seen MSG, I can't say for sure whether he deserved that title yet. Char, obviously, is the best Zeon =)

> 7)Was the Gundam Mark III a good suit, and shouldCamille have used it > instead of the Zeta? > Mark III? I Don't remember there being an "official" Gundam Mk.III, do you mean Mark II? If you do, no, the Zeta is a superior MS (although personally, I love the styling of the RX-178 much more). If you are referring to a Mk.III, the only one I can think of was in a Mobile Suit Variation bit, wasn't it? Erg. Can't remember and I can't check Mechadomain right now.

> 8)Heero in Wing Zero versus Amuro in Nu Gundam. Char in Sazabi versus > Zechs in Epyon. Garoad in Gundam X versus Judo Ashita in FAZZ. Decide the > winners....and why they won. > The Nu doesn't have the BFG power of the twin buster rifle, but I've never been sold on Heero being a great pilot. Judged against the average in AC, sure he is, but I've seen too many UC pilots performing better to really say. Plus there are the Fin Funnels ... Just for being a newtype, I give Amuro the edge, but only with the near total destruction of the Nu itself. Char vs Zechs is a no contest. The pretender doesn't stand a chance. The epyon doesn't have a twin buster rifle, so its over in a heartbeat. All hail Char =) Haven't seen Zeta, so I can't comment on the last. > > 9)Universal Crossover: Earth Federation of UC Gundam versus the > Romfeller Foundation/OZ of Wing. > UC Federation as of what era? If you say the start of the OYW, Romafeller mops up because Feddie suit development wasn't up to snuff. Move it to UC0093 or later and I'll put my faith in the Feddies.

> Principality of Zeon (UC) versus Space Revolution Army (Gundam X) > Hmmm only seen to 20 of X, no clue who that is =) > > 10)I have heard of something called Superdimentional Fortress Macross. > Was this a good show? Was its sequals any good? Also, were the shows > Superdimentional Calvary Southern Cross, MOSPEDA and Patlabour any good? > Aye, Macross is wonderful. Macross Plus is just as good, if not better. Macross 7 is ... well ... i didn't like it much, didn't hate it either though. It's an acquired taste, and you shold probably watch it anyway. Macross is a classic. Interesting that you should mention the others, what Americans know as Robotech is a hacked up dub of Macross + Southern Cross + Mospeda. Lots of info that I won't go into here about what's different can be found on the web. Patlabor i HIGHLY reccomend. The TV series is great, a bit lighter at times. The movies were a bit too slow for my tastes, but the OVA's were wonderful. > > > I am once again thankful for all of the help. Sorry if I am bothering you > all, I do not mean to! > ________________________________________________________________________ > Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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