Paul Fields (
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 16:30:52 -0400

> > Why gold? Material shall has iron ore and other material I can
> >understand, but gold?
> Money, primarily. Remember, there are plenty of neutral parties - such
> as Side 6 and the lunar cities - who operate on a cash-and-carry basis.
> Up until the end of the war - in fact, up until the Federation begins
> recapturing all Zeon's terrestrial holdings - these ostensibly "neutral"
> parties are strongly Zeon-aligned. Funny how they start cooling off
> towards Zeon once the money dries up, eh? ;-)
> Iron and other ores should be readily available from asteroids, but
> Earth is still teh best source for precious metals...

Um... Iridium the rarest and hardest member of the Platinum family is
abundant in asteroids... Its also abundant in the Earth's mantle, but its
easier to get from flying rocks than frying ones...


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