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Chris Maier asks,

>Did'nt Delaz also report to Giren? Delaz seems to be a big fan of Girens,
>instantly retreating when he found out he was dead, and then having that
>bust of Giren in his colony/asteroid secret base....

  Nah, he was just a fan, like 0080's Lt. Colonel Killing. The only
people who report directly to Giren are the Side 3 home guard, and
selected special-projects people like Colonel Asakura.

Dafydd writes,

>I wonder how they explained Captain Synapse's execution, given that the
>offense for which he was condemned was no longer on record?

  Well, that's one thing about the death penalty... it can't be revoked.

Lim Jyue asks,

> Why gold? Material shall has iron ore and other material I can
>understand, but gold?

  Money, primarily. Remember, there are plenty of neutral parties - such
as Side 6 and the lunar cities - who operate on a cash-and-carry basis.
Up until the end of the war - in fact, up until the Federation begins
recapturing all Zeon's terrestrial holdings - these ostensibly "neutral"
parties are strongly Zeon-aligned. Funny how they start cooling off
towards Zeon once the money dries up, eh? ;-)

  Iron and other ores should be readily available from asteroids, but
Earth is still teh best source for precious metals...

> Furthermore, if Zeon had such a materialistic approach to the war,
>why gas the cylinders? Send in occupational troops and milk the Bunch bone
>dry -- in the long term, this will probably generate more revenue and
>material for Zeon.

  Note the bit about "occupational troops." You can see how badly Zeon
was spread thin on Earth - now imagine them keeping control of five
billion rowdy, overcrowded spacenoids as well. Easier to clear out the
colonies for future lebensraum expansion.

Brian asks,

>What exactly does the Antarctic Treaty cover? Is it written out somewhere,
>or do we just have to guess from what is show in the series? This has been
>on my mind for a while.

  Short list...

* No use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.
* No tactics of mass destruction, specifically colony drops.
* Neutral parties - inc. Side 6, lunar cities, Jupiter energy fleet - to
be left alone.

  Note that Killing's planned attack on Side 6 would technically be a
violation of the third part. That's why he had to prove that the
Federation had a military presence there; a nuclear attack would make a
nice reminder of why neutral parties whould stay neutral.

  (Of course, the Zeons weren't as picky about neutrality when Side 6 was
on _their_ side... but hey, that's politics.)

-- Mark

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