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Lim Jyue wrote:
> >Accordig to Mark Simmons, one of the Japanese fan Web sites suggests that the
> >entire Earth invasion was a grab for material wealth, specifically gold. It
> >seems that all of the Zeon military bases are located near well-known gold
> >mines or ore deposits.
> Why gold? Material shall has iron ore and other material I can
> understand, but gold?
gold is usefull for more than just looking pretty or as a monetary
exchange medium, it makes an excellent conducter/reflector material and
is a soft metal so is easy to work with for extruding wire and such

> Furthermore, if Zeon had such a materialistic approach to the war,
> why gas the cylinders? Send in occupational troops and milk the Bunch bone
> dry -- in the long term, this will probably generate more revenue and
> material for Zeon.
how else were they supposed to get the ammo for the colony drops?


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