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Did'nt Delaz also report to Giren? Delaz seems to be a big fan of Girens,
instantly retreating when he found out he was dead, and then having that
bust of Giren in his colony/asteroid secret base....
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> Henry Bigone asks,
> >I have the questions that I would liked answered, please.
> Well, since it's addressed to me, I gues I should take a stab... :-)
> > 1)What is Kou Uraki doing in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam? Is he a
> >or a AEUG? And what was he doing in the One Year War?
> He would have been about Amuro's age during the war, and was presumably
> one of the teenagers who _didn't_ get roped into mobile suit pilot duty.
> Circa 0083, he's a recent graduate of the Federation's Nijmegen
> military academy in the Netherlands. One early publication (an issue of
> B-CLUB) claimed that his parents were killed during the war, earning him
> bonus motivation points, but I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere since
> then.
> > 2)Who would win in a fight, Zechs in his Tallgeeze III or Char in the
> >Gundam Mark II? Heero in Wing Zero or Garaode in the Double X?
> The Tallgeese III is substantially more advanced than the Mark II, and
> Zechs is a darned good pilot, so I'd give him the edge. As for the
> latter, the Double X may have a lot of firepower, but the satellite
> cannons require a lot of setup time. In the meantime, it's Garrod and his
> weeny beam rifle versus Heero in the godlike Wing Zero... not even a
> > 3)Why exactly did Zeon loose the OYW? And what was Delaz and Cima's
> >in the One Year War? And how many ships, colonies and people were lost at
> >the Battle of Ruume? And was Stardust another copy of British(did Delaz
> >British also?)
> In order...
> * Zeon lost primarily because they ran out of time. The initial plan was
> a swift blitzkrieg to terrify the Federation into surrender. When the war
> went into overtime, they switched strategy, seizing prime areas of
> terrestrial real estate to supply their own war machine and deny the
> enemy resources. At this point the war went into a long statemate, a war
> of attrition which Zeon was ill-equipped to win. If Zeon's newest weapons
> - Gelgoogs, the threatened mass-produced Big Zam, a flock of Zeongs - had
> been completed before the Federation began cranking out its own mobile
> suits, they might have had the necessary edge to take out the last
> Federation strongholds...
> * Cima was the commander of a "Marines" special forces team, operating
> both in space and on Earth, which reported to Kishiria Zabi. The marines
> specialized in dirty and dangerous work, including gassing colonies early
> in the war, for which they were subsequently stigmatized. Delaz was a
> captain in Zeon's Space Attack Force, reporting to Dozul Zabi.
> * The death toll for the Battle of Ruum is said to be 2.5 billion people,
> which is far beyond the population of a typical Side. As for military
> losses... Entertainment Bible 39 claims that the Federation lost 175 of
> the 211 capital ships that participated in the battle, leaving its fleet
> almost wiped out, while Zeon lost 24 of its 82 ships. More generally,
> it's said that the Federation fleet was initially three times the size of
> the Zeon one, and was almost completely annihiliated.
> * Operation Stardust is a pretty close copy of Operation British, right
> down to the slingshot around the moon and the use of an escort fleet.
> However, thanks to his nuclear ambush, a clever fake towards the moon,
> and a killer mobile armor, Delaz pulls his version off with about a
> quarter of the forces. (He has but 20 ships at his disposal - his own
> fleet plus Cima's half-dozen ships - whereas British required roughly 80
> ships, half of Zeon's total military strength.)
> * No evidence as to Delaz's involvement in Operation British. But in
> Giren's Greed, he gets to suggest a repeat attempt later in the war.
> > 4)Are the rumors of a Giren's Ambition 2 for the PS2 true?
> No idea...
> -- Mark
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