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Henry Bigone asks,

>I have the questions that I would liked answered, please.

  Well, since it's addressed to me, I gues I should take a stab... :-)

> 1)What is Kou Uraki doing in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam? Is he a Titan
>or a AEUG? And what was he doing in the One Year War?

  He would have been about Amuro's age during the war, and was presumably
one of the teenagers who _didn't_ get roped into mobile suit pilot duty. :-)

  Circa 0083, he's a recent graduate of the Federation's Nijmegen
military academy in the Netherlands. One early publication (an issue of
B-CLUB) claimed that his parents were killed during the war, earning him
bonus motivation points, but I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere since

> 2)Who would win in a fight, Zechs in his Tallgeeze III or Char in the
>Gundam Mark II? Heero in Wing Zero or Garaode in the Double X?

  The Tallgeese III is substantially more advanced than the Mark II, and
Zechs is a darned good pilot, so I'd give him the edge. As for the
latter, the Double X may have a lot of firepower, but the satellite
cannons require a lot of setup time. In the meantime, it's Garrod and his
weeny beam rifle versus Heero in the godlike Wing Zero... not even a contest.

> 3)Why exactly did Zeon loose the OYW? And what was Delaz and Cima's jobs
>in the One Year War? And how many ships, colonies and people were lost at
>the Battle of Ruume? And was Stardust another copy of British(did Delaz plan
>British also?)

  In order...

* Zeon lost primarily because they ran out of time. The initial plan was
a swift blitzkrieg to terrify the Federation into surrender. When the war
went into overtime, they switched strategy, seizing prime areas of
terrestrial real estate to supply their own war machine and deny the
enemy resources. At this point the war went into a long statemate, a war
of attrition which Zeon was ill-equipped to win. If Zeon's newest weapons
- Gelgoogs, the threatened mass-produced Big Zam, a flock of Zeongs - had
been completed before the Federation began cranking out its own mobile
suits, they might have had the necessary edge to take out the last
Federation strongholds...

* Cima was the commander of a "Marines" special forces team, operating
both in space and on Earth, which reported to Kishiria Zabi. The marines
specialized in dirty and dangerous work, including gassing colonies early
in the war, for which they were subsequently stigmatized. Delaz was a
captain in Zeon's Space Attack Force, reporting to Dozul Zabi.

* The death toll for the Battle of Ruum is said to be 2.5 billion people,
which is far beyond the population of a typical Side. As for military
losses... Entertainment Bible 39 claims that the Federation lost 175 of
the 211 capital ships that participated in the battle, leaving its fleet
almost wiped out, while Zeon lost 24 of its 82 ships. More generally,
it's said that the Federation fleet was initially three times the size of
the Zeon one, and was almost completely annihiliated.

* Operation Stardust is a pretty close copy of Operation British, right
down to the slingshot around the moon and the use of an escort fleet.
However, thanks to his nuclear ambush, a clever fake towards the moon,
and a killer mobile armor, Delaz pulls his version off with about a
quarter of the forces. (He has but 20 ships at his disposal - his own
fleet plus Cima's half-dozen ships - whereas British required roughly 80
ships, half of Zeon's total military strength.)

* No evidence as to Delaz's involvement in Operation British. But in
Giren's Greed, he gets to suggest a repeat attempt later in the war.

> 4)Are the rumors of a Giren's Ambition 2 for the PS2 true?

  No idea...

-- Mark

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