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> Zeon allmost managed to force victory in the first month. At the end of
> January, negotiations in Antarctica were moving toward a peace deal.
> However, General Revil (who commanded Federation forces at the battle of
> Ruum) managed to escape Zeon captivity. He returned to Earth and gave his
> 'Zeon is Exhausted' speech, which rallied the Federation's sagging morale.
> The Federation refused to surrender and the negotiations produced the
> Antarctic Treaty (banning WMD, Colony Drops, etc.) instead of a peace
> Once this happened, it was only a matter of time until the Federation
> apply it's superior manufacturing resources to mobile suits, giving it an
> unbeatable advantage.

What exactly does the Antarctic Treaty cover? Is it written out somewhere,
or do we just have to guess from what is show in the series? This has been
on my mind for a while.

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