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>Kou was a career military officer and a specialist in MS design and testing.
>The military was his only option if he wanted to continue working with MS. As
>you noted, his record was cleared, so he probably still had his original
>security clearance, time in grade, time in service, and any commendations he
>may have received.

        All true -- but isn't it possible for him to secure a job at an MS
manufacturer as a test pilot too?

        He's been fired upon, betrayed, shot up and tossed into the brig by
his own side so many times, that even if his records are cleared, he should
have some hesitation about joining the "New World Order" as represented by
Titans etc.

        I don't think Kou ever bought the Titan line enough for him to join
up with a similar organization. Monsha obviously disliked Spacenoids, but
nothing Kou or Keith done in the series ever hinted at a dislike of Spacenoids.

        (Considering who his lover was, harbouring such thoughts might make
his relationship with Nina slightly rocky..)

>I wonder how they explained Captain Synapse's execution, given that the offense
>for which he was condemned was no longer on record?

        Too late, I think. A bit hard to unexecute a person.. probably buried.

>Accordig to Mark Simmons, one of the Japanese fan Web sites suggests that the
>entire Earth invasion was a grab for material wealth, specifically gold. It
>seems that all of the Zeon military bases are located near well-known gold
>mines or ore deposits.

        Why gold? Material shall has iron ore and other material I can
understand, but gold?

        Furthermore, if Zeon had such a materialistic approach to the war,
why gas the cylinders? Send in occupational troops and milk the Bunch bone
dry -- in the long term, this will probably generate more revenue and
material for Zeon.

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