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Thu, 13 Jul 2000 11:53:35 -0700

>I recently bought a High Complete Model of Char's Type 100 from Zeta
>Gundam. What I want to know is, when was it reissued? I assume it's a
>reissue since every other gundam thing in the dinky comic shop where I
>bought it was brand new. (Turn-A and 08th MS team kits)

Some HCMs were reissued about a year or two ago for the Big Bang Project.
The Gundam ones include:

- Hizack
- Zeta Gundam
- Gundam Mk-II
- Hyaku Shiki
- ZZ Gundam

The Walker Geller from Xabungle and the L-Gaim Mk-II were reissued as well,
but none of the Macross Valkyries got reissued.

The Rick Dias was strangely missing from the lineup. Also missing in
action are the Nu Gundam and all the designs from MSV (Full Armor Gundam,
Johnny Ridden's high mobility Zaku II, Black Tri-Stars' high mobility
Zaku II, Prototype Dom, and the Gelgoog Cannon).

>I remember a few years back that they reissued the Hi-zack, MK-II, Zeta
>(ick) and L-gaim HCMs. Have they reissued more? If so which ones? I live
>to blow money on overpriced toys since I am a lazy modeller. ^_^
>---Brett Jensen

Evidently Bandai reissued more than the market could bear, these once
highly collectible and pricy toys barely sell for their yen price or
even lower these days, unless you're looking at the ones that hasn't been
reissued. The Zeta truly blow chunks, but the ZZ is rather solid.


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