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> Correction: Keith was seen testing out a Gelgoog Marine -- if memory
> serves. Kou was simply seen at the perimeter of the base, can't remember
> what the camp's name was, but someone here should know.

The sign says Oakley North America Base. Oakley is a small town in Logan
County, Kansas, just south of the Nebraska border. This locale, and the
withered wheat that Kou picks up, indicate that the base is near the site of the
Operation Stardust colony drop. Gundam 0083 ends as it begins, with Kou Uraki
assigned to a Federation MS test base next to a colony drop crater.

> I don't think Kou stayed in the military. Personally, I think he
> might have seen too much of backstabbing in the military to have much faith
> in it any more. He probably went retired from the military -- since his
> conviction was covered up, he was still technically a Federation soldier.

Kou was a career military officer and a specialist in MS design and testing.
The military was his only option if he wanted to continue working with MS. As
you noted, his record was cleared, so he probably still had his original
security clearance, time in grade, time in service, and any commendations he may
have received.

And being assigned to Oakley told him that he wasn't entirely off the hook.

I wonder how they explained Captain Synapse's execution, given that the offense
for which he was condemned was no longer on record?

> A better question, IMO, would be what was Zeon's objective in
> starting the OYW. After the Antartica Threaty, Zeon seemed to have lost
> sight of its objectives..

Accordig to Mark Simmons, one of the Japanese fan Web sites suggests that the
entire Earth invasion was a grab for material wealth, specifically gold. It
seems that all of the Zeon military bases are located near well-known gold mines
or ore deposits.


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