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> This reminds me of something I was gonna ask about. On one of my Gundam 0083
> DVDs there is an extra, which is a short animation. It shows Cima waking up
> a nightmare and walking the halls of the Lily Marlene. It then shows a
> of the nightmare in which she is floating above a colony in a Zaku with a
> horrified look on her face. There is a bright light coming from the
> colony wall. It's unclear weather this is a stylized thing to keep us from
> seeing what's inside or a actual flash like a nuke blast. Then Cima gets up
> takes off in her gelgoog marine.
> I figure this depicts atrocities commited by Cima's team during the OYW.
> Colony gassing or Nuking. Anybody else have an explaination?

It's a "Special Preview" of an animation that was never actually done.

Specifically, it's an animation of the opening segment of a "radio drama" that
was released on CD, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 CD Cinema #2: The Mayfly of Space,
that tells the story of how Cima Garahau became the nasty piece of work we all
love to hate. The CD runs about 55 minutes and is divided up into four parts,
three 15 to 20 minute chapters of story and a two-minute "Appendix" (epilogue).
Each chapter ends with a song from Gundam 0083: True Shining (from the Zeon's
Last Blitz compilation movie, not the OAV series), Evergreen, and Oblivion (the
English language version of Men Of Destiny, here in a shortened version),

In a nutshell, Cima was a wide-eyed innocent who fell in love with her superior
officer, a right bastard who set her up to do all his dirty work, leading the
gas attacks on the colonies and thus becoming persona non grata when everything
went to smash. After the War, the Axis refugees refused to allow the Cima Fleet
to join them in exile and, hunted by the Feeration, they hid out in the Shoal
Zone and survived by scavenging and the odd bit of piracy (and a secret deal
with certain ambitious high-ranking Federation officers who needed a continued
threat to justify their arms build-up) -- until convincing the Delaz Fleet to
take them on. Used and abused by everyone, Cima became the hardbitten,
man-hating harridan we saw in Gundam 0083, a person whose sole interest was in
getting hers, preferably while sticking it to someone else.


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