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At 23:04 07/12/2000 -0700, Brett Jensen wrote:
>He was in a fed uniform with a duffel on his shoulder. He was obviously
>reporting to the base, when he recognizes (with some suprise) that Keith is in
>the gelgoog.

        Right.. I'm speculating that he might not have stayed on much longer
beyond that. Got out of jail, get booted to that camp..

>Thats alot of speculation there... ^_^ He, might have joined the Kabala, I'm
>certain he wouldn't have any love for the Titans, especially not Bosque Ohm,
>who spoiled his little showdown with Gato, (but Ironically saved his dumb
>by shooting the solar system at them.

        Right. Kou's fate is about as mysterious as Chris Mackenize's,
another character that simply faded into the mass of humanity after her 15
minutes of fame...

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