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Lim Jyue wrote:

> I don't think Kou stayed in the military. Personally, I think he
> might have seen too much of backstabbing in the military to have much faith
> in it any more. He probably went retired from the military -- since his
> conviction was covered up, he was still technically a Federation soldier.

He was in a fed uniform with a duffel on his shoulder. He was obviously reporting
to the base, when he recognizes (with some suprise) that Keith is in the gelgoog.

> He probably went back to being a civilian, or possibly joined AE as
> a test pilot to stay with Nina Purpleton. For all we know, the Rick Dias
> might have his dirty little fingerprints on it. =)

Thats alot of speculation there... ^_^ He, might have joined the Kabala, I'm
certain he wouldn't have any love for the Titans, especially not Bosque Ohm, who
spoiled his little showdown with Gato, (but Ironically saved his dumb ass.) by
shooting the solar system at them.

---Brett Jensen

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