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At 08:18 07/13/2000 -0700, Rodrick Su wrote:
>> 1)What is Kou Uraki doing in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam?
>Well, the rest of Albion crew except Chuck Keith and Kou Uraki got converted
>into Titan. Chuck and Kou were last seen test piloting captured Gelgoog on
>Earth. It is highly likely that they join Kabala, the Earth equivalent of

        Correction: Keith was seen testing out a Gelgoog Marine -- if memory
serves. Kou was simply seen at the perimeter of the base, can't remember
what the camp's name was, but someone here should know.

        I don't think Kou stayed in the military. Personally, I think he
might have seen too much of backstabbing in the military to have much faith
in it any more. He probably went retired from the military -- since his
conviction was covered up, he was still technically a Federation soldier.

        He probably went back to being a civilian, or possibly joined AE as
a test pilot to stay with Nina Purpleton. For all we know, the Rick Dias
might have his dirty little fingerprints on it. =)

>> 3)Why exactly did Zeon loose the OYW?

        A better question, IMO, would be what was Zeon's objective in
starting the OYW. After the Antartica Threaty, Zeon seemed to have lost
sight of its objectives..

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