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>I have the questions that I would liked answered, please.
> 1)What is Kou Uraki doing in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam? Is he a Titan
>or a AEUG? And what was he doing in the One Year War?

It's never stated explicitly, so all we can do is extrapolate from the end
of the TV series. Most of the Albion's crew became part of the Titan's
organization, but once he gets out of prison, Kou returns to Earth where
Keith is still testing captured Zeon suits.

I'm not as sure as some other people seem to be that Kou would join Kabala
or the AEUG. He may have too many anti-Zeon feelings to join either of
those groups. As for the Titans, I doubt they'd have him, mainly because of
his court martial and jail sentance.

> 2)Who would win in a fight, Zechs in his Tallgeeze III or Char in the
>Gundam Mark II? Heero in Wing Zero or Garaode in the Double X?

Char would mop the floor with Zechs.

Hiro's a better pilot, but I think the Gundam X is a considerably more
powerful machine if it can use it's satelite cannon.

> 3)Why exactly did Zeon loose the OYW? And what was Delaz and Cima's jobs
>in the One Year War? And how many ships, colonies and people were lost at
>the Battle of Ruume? And was Stardust another copy of British(did Delaz
>British also?)

My take on the OYW is that Zeon lost mainly because the Federation allwas
had more people and resources. Zeon had the advantage of surprise and
mobile suit technology. They needed to force a decision quickly, before the
Federation could overwhelm them with their superior industrial capacity
(this is quite analogous to Japan's situation in WWII BTW).

Zeon allmost managed to force victory in the first month. At the end of
January, negotiations in Antarctica were moving toward a peace deal.
However, General Revil (who commanded Federation forces at the battle of
Ruum) managed to escape Zeon captivity. He returned to Earth and gave his
'Zeon is Exhausted' speech, which rallied the Federation's sagging morale.
The Federation refused to surrender and the negotiations produced the
Antarctic Treaty (banning WMD, Colony Drops, etc.) instead of a peace deal.
Once this happened, it was only a matter of time until the Federation could
apply it's superior manufacturing resources to mobile suits, giving it an
unbeatable advantage.

You could say that Zeon's real mistake was letting Genral Revil escape.

As for the Battle of Ruum, it wiped out an entire Side (figure at least half
a billion people), plus a substantial amount of the Federation fleet.


>I am thankful for answers.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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