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>Well, you might try Burke Rukes's Mecha Domain. It has 6 other robot shows
other than Gundam, although VOTOMS and Megazone 23 Part One are both
available commercially here (if it hasn't become OOP), and Megazone 23 Part
Three may be available commericially in Britain through Manga UK. I also
know that a place that you can get Tomino's (the creator of Gundam as you
should know) Heavy Metal L-Gaim, but I can say on the list because it is a
fansub site.

Commercial availability isn't really an issue, I can track down japanese
materials (mainly books) if I know what to look for. There's no disputing
the scope of Burke's site, but it's specific focus is on the 80's Real
Robot (sans Super Dimensional series). What I'm trying to track down are
Robot shows from the late 90's or ongoing that may have been overlooked by
most american sources of anime info (video stores, toy stores, magazines,
etc). For instance, I've only heard of Gao Gai Gar through this list and
toys shown on HLJ, I've yet to come across any episodes or printed material
for it.


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