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Rodrick Su wrote:

> In one of cutscene in Giren's Greed, it is suggestive that Delaz had a hand
> in the planning of Operation British. Cima's been rumored to be doing
> colony gassing and colony drop during OYW.

This reminds me of something I was gonna ask about. On one of my Gundam 0083
DVDs there is an extra, which is a short animation. It shows Cima waking up from
a nightmare and walking the halls of the Lily Marlene. It then shows a flashback
of the nightmare in which she is floating above a colony in a Zaku with a
horrified look on her face. There is a bright light coming from the transperant
colony wall. It's unclear weather this is a stylized thing to keep us from
seeing what's inside or a actual flash like a nuke blast. Then Cima gets up and
takes off in her gelgoog marine.

I figure this depicts atrocities commited by Cima's team during the OYW. Either
Colony gassing or Nuking. Anybody else have an explaination?

---Brett Jensen

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