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> I have the questions that I would liked answered, please.
> 1)What is Kou Uraki doing in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam? Is
> he a Titan
> or a AEUG? And what was he doing in the One Year War?

Well, the rest of Albion crew except Chuck Keith and Kou Uraki got converted
into Titan. Chuck and Kou were last seen test piloting captured Gelgoog on
Earth. It is highly likely that they join Kabala, the Earth equivalent of

> 3)Why exactly did Zeon loose the OYW? And what was Delaz and
> Cima's jobs
> in the One Year War? And how many ships, colonies and people were lost at
> the Battle of Ruume? And was Stardust another copy of British(did
> Delaz plan
> British also?)

Mostly I blamed it on Giren Zabi's administration of the war. His failure
to properly supply Solomon caused it to fall into Federation hands. He pour
tons of resource and money into developing Superweapon such as Solar Ray,
Big Zam (which could have been better use to make Gelgoog), and of course
Doros, which they actually build 2.

In one of cutscene in Giren's Greed, it is suggestive that Delaz had a hand
in the planning of Operation British. Cima's been rumored to be doing
colony gassing and colony drop during OYW.

> 4)Are the rumors of a Giren's Ambition 2 for the PS2 true?

Heard of them. Why not.

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