Henry Bigone (slickwillie1998@hotmail.com)
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 08:01:45 PDT

I have the questions that I would liked answered, please.

   1)What is Kou Uraki doing in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam? Is he a Titan
or a AEUG? And what was he doing in the One Year War?

   2)Who would win in a fight, Zechs in his Tallgeeze III or Char in the
Gundam Mark II? Heero in Wing Zero or Garaode in the Double X?

   3)Why exactly did Zeon loose the OYW? And what was Delaz and Cima's jobs
in the One Year War? And how many ships, colonies and people were lost at
the Battle of Ruume? And was Stardust another copy of British(did Delaz plan
British also?)

   4)Are the rumors of a Giren's Ambition 2 for the PS2 true?

I am thankful for answers.
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