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>OT: Was Slayers one movie, or was it a series? I remember renting it at
>Blockbuster and thinking it was pretty stupid.

Ok. Now you have gone to far. No one calls Lina Inverse infamous bandit slayer stupid. She will kill you for it. It's like calling her bust small or saying she eats too much.

Seriously though, it is a hilarious comedy. And it is an anime based on a series of novels (some of which a 1000 copies a month from one store, which is very impressive in Japan were novels are said not to sell well) which were based on a series of short stories over in Japan. There are about 4 movies, a couple of OVA series (Original Video Animation, ie, anime straight to video), and 3 tv series which take place chronologically after the movies and OAVs. So, it seems very popular.

One thing to remember of Slayers is to remember it is a comedy for general audiences, even over here in America. It is not really meant to be as serious as Gundam (although it can get pretty serious towards nead the end of the each series), or even Wing. It is just a comedy set in a swords and sorcery setting.

If you don't like a story about a 16 year old sorceror who can toss around explosions as powerful as small nukes, and who can't use her magic during that time of the month, then I feel sorry for you.


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