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Wed, 12 Jul 2000 23:41:53 -0700

\><< I'm interested in anything from Virtual On Matrix to Gao Gai Gar,
> as long as it's got big robots duking it out. >>
>There's a Virtual On anime!?!? What do they mecha look like? How many
>episodes is it? What's the story about? Did it do any good? Even if it was
>somewhat a success, I am surprised no kits where made of the robots? Where
>they the same as the current mecha designs in Virtual On: OT?

I only mentioned VO Matrix as a Real Robot example (a mistake, considering
I was talking about anime series). As far as I know, VO Matrix only exists
as a series of books, evidently collections of GGI art and possibly VO
mecha variations:

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