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Filling up Burke's list?
Here's more:

You know when you've been watching _____ Gundam


You think "omae wo korosu" is a good pickup line.
Your car has a self destruct system.
You don't have automatic gear shift, you have a "zero
You wear tank tops and spandex.
Or tank tops, blue jeans and a blue denim jacket.
Whenever you finish doing something you say, "Mission
You keep asking "Are your shelter shields up?".
You enjoy pointing a gun at women's faces.
You have this odd feeling towards little girls, thier
puppies and thier stuffed toy bear.
You rip apart the invitation given to you by your
Right in front of her.
And when she cries you wipe her tears.
Then say that you're going to kill her.

You think calling that by yourself shinigami you can
score points with girls.
Your wear a preist collar.
Your pant slack off to the side like that of the polo
players (Richie!)
You call your car "buddy" or "pal"
You don't believe in god.
But you believe in death since you since his handiwork
many times in your life.
You get a replacement car and drive down the road
shouting "Shinigami is back from the dead!"
You salvage scrap for a living.
And use most of the stuff to fix your own Gundam.
There's a mech behind your house that's equipped with
a really big scythe.
You grow your hair really long.
Then dye it and have it braided.

You have no name.
When see someone die and take thier name.
You go to the circus and wonder why no clowns have
half masks.
Your hair goes all the way up front.
You don't mind having knives thrown at you.
Your girlfriend throws knives at you.
For some strange reason, lions seem to like you.
You are capable of pulling a trigger but you keep
forgetting to stop firing even when there is nothing
to shoot at.
You can perform a triple axel sommersault without

You think you're a test tube baby.
You have a band of Arab mercs watching your back
You have platinum hair.
You get inside a car with automatic transmission and
you go insane.
You think you car cares about your safety.

You call your car (or whatever vehicle you may have)
You think your car is the embodiment of your wife.
You are a friggin masochist.
Your girlfriend thinks that she's the reincarnation of
You have a black belt in kung fu.
And your master is Ron Shirin.
You have a very short pony tail.
and a white Bruce Lee-type garb.

You change personalities whenever you wear eyeglasses
and change hairstyles.
You have a Preventer outfit.
And you wear it all the time.
If your Preventer outfit is in the wash, you wear
Mariemeia uniforms.
If that is also in the wash, you have an OZ uniform to
but if that only applies to weekends, its because you
have FIVE other getups to wear on weekdays.
And you have two sets of clothes to choose from for
monday to friday. (GW series & EW)

You take the call name "wind"
or "fire"
or "water"
or you make a new one.

You vote Relena for president.
You want to visit Sanc Kingdom.
Your girlfriend thinks in a very pacifistic manner.

You walk around with a flower on your sleeve.
Or a large metal mask.
Your plate number goes like XXXG-0???
Or OZ-????

You completed all the Wing model kits.
Then you collected all the EW versions.
And you bought another complete EW set to be used with
your VER. KA. (version katoki) add-ons.

During a test you keep asking "zero" to give you an
You believe that you can actually feel the pains of
those in the colonies. (spaceheart)
Your english teacher has a robotic tri-fingered arm.
Your science teacher looks like a mushroom.
Your history teacher wears a red-clown nose.
You go to the pacific looking for "Howard".

You have a classmate who's eyelashes look like Gundam
You are extremely good at fencing.
You car is painted gold.
All your vehicles are painted gold.

You actually think that Heero is better that Amuro.
(in your dreams!)
You actually believe that the AC series is not a spin
off of the UC.
You actually think that "physics" exist in the AC

argh! its sooo long already! I'll get on to the other
Side stories in a later day.

Hope ya all like it!

~Watanabe, Soimichiro

"Oraora! Shinigami-sama no otoori de!"
(Alright! Alright! If you want a date with death,
you've got it!)

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